Albert Hall

Residents enjoying the 4 R kids walk


The sounds of Boo! and Trick or Treat have now ceased. In the month of October, residents spent time
planning a Halloween Party that was held at Albert Hall. Friends from Mattox Hall attended. They
danced the night away, and enjoyed multiple treats made by both homes. Tricks were kept to a


As the seasons continue to change, the smell of warm apple cider and the sound of leaves crunching
under our feet as we walk, greet us around each bend. We begin to reflect on all of the things we are
thankful for within our lives. Activities in the month of November included chances for residents to
identify volunteer opportunities. Albert Hall identified a project of raking leaves around the home as
well as at BFC. A group of residents have been volunteering their time and efforts.

Christmas is around the corner

Looking forward to Christmas, residents have already mentioned various activities they would be
interested in doing or attending. Rustic Roots Christmas, Opening December 1 st , will create the perfect
environment to become inspired and get in the spirit of Christmas. We’re all looking forward to a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year!

New Years

Wow! What a holiday season! December was a month full of wonder and excitement as the residents of Albert Hall planned the perfect gifts for themselves, friends and loved ones. They all enjoyed multiple cooking projects throughout the month, decorating the home and wrapping gifts. Trips around the community were taken, to marvel at all of the wonderful Christmas lights and décor. The Billings Fairchild Christmas program was a success, with many residents from the home playing a part. If you haven’t had the chance to attend, you should make plans to come next year!

As the New Year approaches, we reflect on the year past and the wonderful memories that were made. We are looking forward to all of the opportunities and blessings in 2019!

Night to Shine

Residents are looking forward to attending a “Night to Shine” sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation,
February 8! They are excited to dress for the occasion and socialize with friends from around the area
and local communities!
Love will be in the air as residents will be attending a party for Valentine’s Day with friends at Billings
Fairchild Center. It is sure to be a magical time!
Stay tuned for pictures to come!


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