Case Management

Before an individual is accepted into our program, we first do a full assessment of their abilities and needs. If we all feel that it is a good match, the admission process begins. After admission, we then create an individual program plan (IPP) to help our new resident flourish. This includes involving a full interdisciplinary team, which may include physicians; dietitians; pharmacists; physical, occupational and speech therapists; psychotherapists/counselors; social workers; and a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities professional. This team’s focus is to provide the expertise and support needed to create an IPP that allows our residents to reach their maximum potential. The IPP will have stated goals and objectives – which could include everything from washing one’s hands to balancing a checkbook – which the team monitors, providing the tools needed to achieve success. Our goal is to create an environment where our residents are able to live as independently as possible, while maintaining their dignity and joy for life.