Residents applying to Billings Fairchild are asked to complete a short application packet and to take a tour of the Center. We believe it is important for everyone to feel comfortable about a move or transition. After necessary documents are provided, our Intellectual Disabilities (ID) team will review the resident’s information to ensure that the Center is an appropriate placement for your individual and that their needs can be met.

During this review, ID team members will verify:

  • Applicant is not a threat to himself/herself or others
  • Has an IQ below 75 to qualify for ICF/IID level of care
  • Has a current psychological evaluation
  • Receives pre-approval from the Oklahoma Health Care Authority
  • Has a disability that occurred prior to the age of 21
  • That both the applicant and family are interested in placement

Billings Fairchild Center also reserves a small number of beds for individuals seeking admission who are not intellectually disabled. Private pay is accepted for such beds. Private pay is also accepted payment for beds for our intellectually disabled residents.

Billings Fairchild accepts Medicaid funding as a payer source, as well as private sources.

Medical Care
Unlike many facilities, Billings Fairchild is staffed around the clock, 24 hours a day, with certified staff and licensed nurses to ensure quality care for our residents. We also have a doctor on-call 24 hours a day. Our other facilities have a 24-hour Certified Nurse Aide present, with an on-call nurse and physician.