Training and Life Skills

Billings Fairchild offers an extensive array of training programs designed to provide our residents with the life skills they need to live as independently as possible. All of our programs are based on the specific needs of the individual.

Vocational Training
This area of training gives the individual a high level of satisfaction when they are able to complete a project and earn a paycheck.

Activities of Daily Living and Community Living Skills
This training focuses on basic tasks of daily living – such as laundry and cooking – as well as how to function in a community, such as taking trips to the post office and other community integrated activities.

Money Management
Individuals in money management training are taught money skills ranging from identification of money to balancing a checkbook, and practice saving their money to make purchases.

This training area engages individuals in activities such as nutritional awareness, exercise, cultural awareness, current events, and creative/leisure time skills.

Office Skills
Residents in this training area are provided with instruction and experience in office tasks and money management.

display of handmade jewelrySocial Development
This training area focuses on increasing a resident’s motor skills, sensory recognition, tolerance of sensory stimuli, and personal interactions. For residents who need a little more assistance in self-care or social skills, we offer hand-to-hand assistance, individualized instruction, and aggressive program plans to maximize their quality of life.

Medication Self-Administration
This program is designed to teach residents about their medications and/or to teach proper preparation for taking their medications.

Arts and Crafts
This training area includes some very skilled and gifted residents who create wonderful works of art. From baby blankets to braided rugs, this group can do it all!

Recreation and Leisure
Residents are offered opportunities for community integration such as shopping, recreational outings and community events.