Special Olympics Uniforms/Love Fund

Billings Fairchild Center is a care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities, located in the heartland. We are raising funds to purchase new Special Olympics Team Gear, to include athletic shirts, shorts, sweats and equipment for our team the “Billings Fanatics” and for our Resident Special Love Fund.

Our Love Fund is used to purchase personal belongings, presents and fulfill other resident needs for those who do not have any family or funds to support the lifestyle that they deserve! Many of our residents have had many hardships throughout their lives, from living in homeless shelters, to being exploited or abused by others. For many, the staff at Billings Fairchild Center have become a part of their family.

Participating in Special Olympics is a very rewarding and meaningful event. It is a big part of our resident’s lives and they look forward to it every year. It is has been a number of years since we were able to purchase new equipment and uniforms. Please support us in raising these funds to purchase 75 new uniforms!

Billings Fairchild Center

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