Albert Hall

In October, Albert Hall residents participated with Billings Fairchild Center in the Special Olympics Bowling Event in Stillwater. All residents that attended placed and were awarded ribbons! Way to Go Billings Fanatics!

Halloween was celebrated with friends from Mattox Hall and Billings Fairchild Center by playing games and winning prizes, including one of Albert Hall’s own, placing in the costume contest! Later in the evening residents had a goulish fun time playing games such as the “Witches Hat Toss, guessing what was in the “Mystery Boxes”, “Goblin’ Bowling”, “Zombie Eye Toss”, “Spooky Bingo” and “Caldron Golf” to name a few. Resident’s enjoyed spending time with each other and winning prizes!

In the month of November, Thanksgiving will be celebrated with a feast of favorite foods! Residents enjoy discussing family recipes and look forward to making some of them to share with friends! Mouth’s are watering already!

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